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    Stainless steel finish nails are ideal for interior finish carpentry work and for various woodworking projects where you do not want the nail’s head to be visible. Finishing nails generally have slightly rounded heads that are slightly bigger than their shanks, and are primarily used to guarantee flawless and rust-free wood surfaces no matter what type of final coating is applied. These nails are ideal for outdoor applications and are used to avoid nail discoloration and corrosion.There are several different types of stainless steel finishing, differing in size, gauge, head diameter, as well as in the length and diameter of their head and shank. The type of nail to use really depends on the kind of carpentry work and on your finishing applications. But basically, they serve one common purpose, and that is to maintain rust-free wood surfaces. Since these nails are known to resist corrosion and won’t stain or streak the wood, they are perfect if you’re hammering into redwood or cedar.Finishing nails are often countersunk by simply hammering the nail into the wood until it’s almost flush with the surface. However, to avoid damaging the wood, the best thing to do is to place a nail set on the head of the finishing nail and tap it with a hammer until the finishing nail is right below the surface of the wood.Stainless steel finish nails can be used in a variety of finishing applications, from hardwood flooring and construction to door and window casings as well as upholstery trim panels. They also can be used in millwork, moldings, wainscoting, and paneling.