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    Self-service terminal is a kind of 24-hour self-service acceptance system and equipment, business hall multimedia information release and self-service inquiry system, business hall new business self-service experience equipment. At present, self-service terminal is widely used in the film industry, communications, finance, government, transportation, medical treatment, industry and commerce, tax and other industries. YUNPAN Transmission Equipment takes a look at what a self-service terminal can do for cinemas.Benefits of self-service terminals for cinemas1. Improve customer satisfaction: through the use of self-service terminals, the queuing time for purchasing or picking up tickets can be shortened and the customer experience can be enhanced. It can also improve customer satisfaction and thus revenue.2. Reduce labor costs. While you don’t want to, and shouldn’t, implement technology to replace each of your cashiers, you can cut your labor costs by replacing a few employees with one or two self-service terminals. This can reduce the number of workers needed for shifts or allow you to redistribute them to other areas where more labor is needed.3. Reduce the time of audience queuing to buy tickets: install the self-service terminal in the lobby of the cinema, and the audience can choose to buy tickets at the self-service terminal instead of waiting in a long line at the ticket window. The kiosks also allow viewers to book and pay for tickets online and then print them out when they arrive at the cinema.4. Franchise coordination is easier: coordinating food preparation in a franchise area is a difficult task for a theater. Things get more complicated when hot dogs, chicken, pizza and other foods are added to the franchise menu, along with hot items like popcorn, candy and drinks. Self-service terminals, however, simplify licensing. Through self-service ticket machines, customers can place and receive orders faster than if they were waiting in line at a concession stand. All movie-goers are required to enter an order on the touch screen of the self-service device and then go to the concession stand to receive the order. The faster the order, the faster the guest can take it away and enjoy it. Using kiosks to take orders at concession stands also makes franchise coordination easier by eliminating staff misunderstandings or mishearing customer instructions. The order delivery process is simplified due to fewer errors due to self-entry of orders.Features of self-service terminals.1. Easy to pay: when people are trading. Just scan the qr code on the self-service terminal to complete the payment.2. The self-service terminal supports multiple payment methods: unionpay card, cash, alipay, WeChat and other payment methods can be used on the self-service terminal.3, there are many ways to get tickets: the self-service terminal can support the use of two-dimensional code, mobile phone number verification code or membership card to get tickets, if the self-service terminal is a cinema, it can also provide people with a special cinema membership card recharge service.4. Convenient and time-saving printing: the self-service terminal can print tickets and some transaction vouchers very quickly, which can save people’s time.5, support remote monitoring: enterprises can carry out unified background management of the self-service terminal, and also can monitor the operation of each equipment through the background, when there is a failure, users can be the first time to know, and make timely adjustment, maintenance treatment.