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    1. Wooden doorsWooden doors are divided into: original wooden door, solid wood door, solid wood composite door(1) Log doorThe original wooden door refers to the finished door that is made of natural logs from the forest and processed. The original wooden door is the most popular choice among owners. Pay attention to the fact that the wooden door is basically made of natural logs. These natural materials are processed into finished doors, which are more environmentally friendly.(2) Solid wood doorThe overall structure of the solid wood door is made of cheap wood, such as cedar finger joint board, and the outer layer is covered with density board and then pasted with veneer. The veneer can be solid wood veneer, melamine veneer, or other processes. In this way, it is possible to realize various colors and patterns on the door panel, and is no longer limited to the splicing of wood. The sound insulation effect of solid wood doors is very good, and the price is lower than that of original wooden doors. It is a common indoor door.(3)Solid wood composite doorThe price of solid wood composite door is the lowest among wooden doors, and the weight is also the lightest, which is easy to distinguish. Usually use ordinary wood to make the frame, and then stick the MDF on both sides. The gaps between the frames are mostly filled with honeycomb cardboard, which is not as strong as the first two types, and belongs to inferior wooden doors.The advantages of wooden doors: it is not easy to be deformed, corrosion-resistant, crack-free, and thermal insulation.The selected woods are: walnut, teak, red oak, ash, sapele, etc.Disadvantages: In addition to expensive anyway, I can’t find any other shortcomings temporarily.2. Steel and wooden doorsSteel-wood doors are generally divided into two types, one is called steel-wood interior doors, suit doors for interior decoration, and the other is armored doors. The above two kinds of doors are developed from the anti-theft door. Many of the craftsmanship are transferred from the anti-theft door. The structure is a mixed structure of steel plate and wood using wooden frames, paper shells and other environmentally friendly materials to fill, so both It is called a steel door.advantage:The steel-wood door has good strength, is not easy to deform, strong and durable, is not afraid of water, and is suitable for kitchen and bathroom doors; the inside is filled with some solid wood, which is lighter than other doors, which reduces the limit of the door leaf (causing it to be unable to close); The most important point is that the price of steel-wood doors is economical and affordable to most families. This is also one of the more popular features of steel-wood doors; in addition, there are various styles of steel-wood doors, and any pattern can be suppressed. According to your preference, imitate the pattern of the wooden door you like, beautiful and generous;3. Plastic doorsThere are also two types of plastic doors: one is PVC folding doors, and the other is plastic steel doors.(1) PVC folding doorEach leaf of the folding door, including the door frame, is made of PVC plastic. The thickness is about 1 to 1.3 cm. The thickness is thinner than that of a wooden door, and the price is cheaper. Even for the style with glass embedded, the unit price is more than 100 yuan per square meter. However, such a thin door naturally can only block the line of sight, and sound insulation is basically ineffective.(2) Plastic steel door (plastic supported by steel inside)The material that you often encounter is also PVC plastic.Everyone deserves that the strength of PVC is not enough. It is certainly not good to do the door alone. Therefore, the merchant has inserted steel as a support inside, which not only ensures the low price, but also solves the problem of strength.Plastic steel doors are mostly used on balcony doors, but because they are not afraid of water, many bathroom doors are also used.Plastic steel doors are twice as expensive as pure PVC doors, but they are still cheaper and more practical.4. Glass doorMost glass doors have a metal outer frame, but the materials used in the frame are not the same, such as aluminum-magnesium alloy and stainless steel.(1) Aluminum magnesium alloyCommonly known as: aluminum alloy door, the main component is aluminum, and it is often used as the material of windows and balcony doors. It can be regarded as an upgraded version of plastic steel doors, usually only used as glass door frames.The color style of aluminum-magnesium alloy is very rich, and the imitation wood grain can also be made (but the effect of imitation is not easy to say), and the small black thin frame glass door in the recent industrial style is no problem.However, the strength of the magnesium-aluminum alloy is not enough. The frame cannot be made too thin. The narrowest can only be 100px. It is also necessary to ensure a certain grid, otherwise the weight of the glass cannot be supported.(2) Stainless steelAt this stage, most of the small thin-frame glass doors are made of stainless steel, sprayed with black paint and coated with black glass glue.Although it is simple to say, domestic manufacturers may not be able to do it, especially the ultra-fine frame below 62.5px, which still tests the level of craftsmanship.If you find a manufacturer that can make thin-frame stainless steel glass doors and ask them to change the color, you can make a small thin frame of the net celebrity style (you are one door away from the net celebrity).