• Sandiso posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    @sizacosmos Bab, first I would like to say cangrats to us Cosmos fans. Second, I would like to propose a meet for the die hard supporters to plan for the PSL season. We need to be more visible, vocal and recruit more support. With that in mind it’s very difficult to get the jerseys, here in Cape Town we have been looking for these for some time now.

    • Hi Sandiso, true indeed. We need to work very hard. Now it starts with you, as you have shown a lot of interest and commitment. We will have to chart and come up with a plan. There are other supporters in Cape that I know but I need commitment and dedication. We need the details of every support in Cape Town in order to add on our database. We will appreciate your assistance in this regard. My number is 072-1971550.

    • Dear Sandiso

      With regards to the jersey please contact me at nyiko@jomocosmos.co.za and we will work out a plan.