Off-the-Pitch…with WISEMAN MALULEKE


Jomo Cosmos midfield ace, Wiseman Maluleke is a Trojan on the pitch, but outside the field of play, he is a responsible family man who gains inspiration from his little boy. Here, Wisey takes us on a journey off the pitch….

Who cooks your meals @ home?
My wife.

Who’s the Best Comedian @ Jomo Cosmos?
Linda Mntambo. We call him “Figo.”

If you won a 50 million bucks today, what would you do with it?
I’ll build a big mansion for my mother, and invest the rest.

What’s your favourite South African Soapie, and why?
Rockville; because it captures the real essence of social life and what’s trending in our local communities.

What inspires you the most in your day to day activities?
My 3-year-old son, Hope.

In your opinion, what goes up, but never comes down?
That has to be my age, hahaha!

Who was your favourite candidate in the just concluded American Presidential election?
Hillary Clinton.

What’s the smallest pay check you ever got?

And what’s the biggest so far?
No comment!

How do you chill out?
Going outdoors with my family, to watch movies and go on picnics.

Which insect irritates you the most?

-Interview: Mark Ogagan


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