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Siza Bukhali’s achievements

Sizakele Bukhali’s claim to fame is that he is a crowd pleaser and a socialite and a die hard supporters because of his passion for sport.

Sizakhele affectionatley known as Siza or Mgando was born in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape but now lives in Vosloorus, Ekhurhuleni. Siza is married to Thembi and has two children, Yamisa and Sne. His favourite foods are pap and vleis.

siza 2When asked about his role model he cites Jomo Sono and he goes on to say that Bra J is his best historic player of all time. Now based on the latter statements it is no surprise that Siza’s favourite team is Jomo Cosmos FC. And Because of his love for the team he has taken up positions as the National Supporters Chairman and a member of the supporters steering committee.

As a true supoorter of the team he says that all the players are his favourites because they are all equal to him. Siza’s best moment in Cosmos was when Cosmos won the Coca Cola Cup in 2005 for the 2nd time and the worst was losing the same tournament to Kaiser Chiefs at FNB stadium in 2002.

Siza loves to motivate the other supporters with the following war- cries which are his favourites Kai kappa kai, Jomo rena le wena – Mintiro ya vula vula and this in turn bolsters the players on the field of play.

Siza’s rituals are always the same before match day; the day before he prepares his regalia and invites the Almighty through a small silent prayer. His coveralls are painted with the Jomo Cosmos thumbs-up logo to show that no matter what all is well


Why |Jomo Cosmos FC:                                      

“I supported the team before its birth in 1983. I’ve been a great follower of Jomo Sono as an individual during his tenure in football. Through his intellectual abilities in and off the pitch, navigating every space he would get to pass through the opponents, a dribbling wizard and a celebrity. I knew one day he will open his own club. And that dream came through.”

Achievements as a Supporter 

  • Won a Flair Fan Award in a Coca Cola Cup competion in 2005. First ever for a fan to win a supporters competion on a top football Cup competition.
  • Nominated as a Castle Larger Superfan in 2010 Fifa World Cup with other superfans from 15 psl teams. Including a flight to Germany to support the national team, castle larger (Inqaba) advert, and campaign (tour on all 9 SA provinces) to encourage South Africans to support the historic event happening the very first time in Africa.
  • Won the “Fan of the Year Award” at the City of Ekurhuleni Sports Award in 2013.
  • All of the above awards were through as a die-hard fan of Jomo Cosmos F/C and contribution I’ve made to improving, developing football as sport in S.A. Don’t take the passion away – passion for sport

Siza-Nedbank Cup 2015

My message to the supporters – Pledge your support:                          

“As a die-hard supporter, I encourage everyone to rally behind the team through thick and thin, irrespective of the results. I will offer to support and respect the coaches’ decision and encourage the supporters to follow the tune. Kancane kancane, we will succeed. Keep on playing with passion and you will overcome all hindrances.        “


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