Up close and Personal…with CLEMENT “CASSILAS” RAMAKGASHA


Goalkeepers don’t come bigger and better than our own Cassilas, Clement Ramakgasha. With eight successive NFD games under his belt so far, the young shot-stopper has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he deserves to be Ezenkosi’s Number One this season. Here he talks about some personal stuff…

Who’s your role model?
My parents

Are you in line with modern trends, or are you old fashioned?
Old fashioned.

How did you get your nickname “Casillas?”
It was given to me by a coach at Bidvest Academy in 2012

What makes you bored?
When I’m not playing

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
Right on time

Name three things in nature that you find most beautiful
1. Rendezvous Tourist Centre, Mpumalanga, 2. Paris, 3. Kruger National Park

Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Going to traditional school

What’s your biggest regret ever?
Losing my grandpa

How do you unwind?
Chilling with friends or with my girlfriend, getting busy with my Play Station

Who are your funniest teammates at Jomo Cosmos?
Tebogo Makobela and Thato Lingwati

Who cooks better? Your girlfriend or your mum?
My mum

What’s your biggest dream for Ezenkosi this season?
To win promotion to the PSL.

Describe yourself in one word

Which animal best describes your personality?

-Interview: Mark Ogagan


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