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    Rural solar street lamps prices actually does not have a specific standard, because of the different parts of the sunshine time is different, and customer demand for street lamps and other source is also different, so the requirements of each customer quote manufacturer of solar street lamp is different, the resulting price also have high low, prices vary, depends on what kind of solar street lamps depends on your requirements, such as: how high the pole, how big the wattage, light source configuration, the size of the battery and photovoltaic module, etc. In general, the price of solar street lamps installed in rural areas will be affected by the number of installation, installation configuration, lamp poles and other factors.The price of solar street lampsSome rural use mains before street lamp, for example, now want to change the solar street lamp, street lamp light pole is still in good condition before, suggest customers don’t need to buy a set of street lamp, also a waste of money and resources, can choose one more solar street lamps, installed directly on the old street lamp light pole can not only realize lighting also can save cost and resources waste, kill two birds with one stone.The height, caliber, wall thickness of the lamp pole, the size of the light source, the solar panel is divided into single crystal and polycrystal, and the battery is divided into lead battery and lithium battery. These configuration requirements will affect the price of solar street lamps. So if we want to figure out the price of rural solar street lamps, we should first clarify our own needs, and then we can contact the regular manufacturers, so that the manufacturers will give a reasonable price according to the different needs of each customer.Advantages of solar street lamps1.Solar street lamps is a greener option, an environmentally friendly option that actually reduces your carbon footprint.2. Most of them do not require a standard power supply, but some require that the lights be connected to the grid even when there is no sunlight as sufficient weather3. to power the floodlight, or the storage in the battery is low.4. They can be installed anywhere with sufficient sunlight.5. Solar lamps emit soft LED lights, which work more efficiently (12VDC instead of AC power).6. Many grants and tax incentives are available to help reduce the cost of solar power.7. Each solar lamp works independently of another lamp (except signs, billboards, etc.)8. Low-voltage energy provided by solar panels can be safely used.9. Solar LED lights with directional lighting can provide more light where it is needed and less light where it is not.10. There are many styles and options available for different users and purposes.