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    Many people say that reading is a process of lifelong learning. Books are the ladder of human progress.You can acquire a lot of scientific knowledge in a very short time. Reading can help you establish the correct three views. Reading can help you broaden your horizons. You are no longer limited to the small corners of your life. You can freely talk about ancient and modern Chinese and foreign knowledge all over the world. Expanding the scope of reading, your mind will become more broad-minded. Reading can help you meet friends and expand your social circle.Reading can improve your grade and improve your overall quality. Through reading, you can not only solve the problems in life, but also cultivate a sense of literature and art, making your temperament more outstanding.I still remember when I was in the library when I was a child, I wanted to find a Xinhua dictionary. The densely packed books were piled up in front of my eyes. Looking at the signs on the top, I couldn’t tell where the Xinhua dictionary was stored. I could only ask the librarian for help.Nowadays, when you want to search for any book, you only need to enter the title of the book on the computer to searchLater, I learned that each book has its specific electronic label and its detailed information is stored on the label.Not only in the field of book management, library tags play a role in intelligent management, and the development of the RFID industry is also booming.Every library, every summer vacation, every book needs an electronic label for management, which saves a lot of labor costs. Make it easier for managers to manage booksThe library uses RFID electronic tag technology as the basis for the integrated identification structure of readers, books and documents, and stacks of bookshelves. A more convenient, efficient and fast management service system for computer information information systems, collections of documents, and reader services. Full realization of library documents Intelligent management and efficient use of RFID technology to realize the self-service borrowing and returning of books in the libraryThe library RFID system consists of identification system, label conversion system, book inventory system, 24-hour self-service library system, book circulation management system, book safety monitoring system, book sorting system, etc. The label conversion system provides the registration, management and label initialization functions of books and level labels. The book circulation management system provides self-service book borrowing and returning, and multiple books at the same time borrowing and returning services. The library’s humanized service level and work efficiency have been greatly improved. The 24-hour self-service library system provides all-weather self-service borrowing and returning of books, and unattended book inventory system provides functions such as fast inventory, forwarding, adding, and data storage. The security detection system realizes the barrier-free passage of the entrance guard and realizes the book detection and anti-theft. The automatic book sorting system provides accurate classification of returned books. The library label is applied scientifically, rationally and effectively in the internal medicine of the library. Make a great contribution to the convenience and speed of the library