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    1. NFC is developed on the basis of RFID. In essence, NFC is not much different from RFID. Both are based on the signal transmission between two objects with similar geographical locations.2, NFC and RFID are still different. NFC technology adds a point-to-point communication function, which can quickly establish P2P (point-to-point) wireless communication between Bluetooth devices. NFC devices find each other and establish a communication connection.3. The two devices of P2P communication are peer-to-peer, while the two devices of RFID communication are in a master-slave relationship.4, there are some other technical details:Compared with RFID technology, NFC has some characteristics such as short distance, high bandwidth, and low energy consumption. details:1) NFC is only limited to the 13.56MHz frequency band! The frequency band of RFID has low frequency (125KHz to 135KHz), high frequency (13.56MHz) and ultra high frequency (860MHz to 960MHz).2) Effective working distance: NFC (less than 10cm, so it has high security), RFID distance ranges from several meters to tens of meters.3), because it also works at 13.56MHz, NFC is compatible with the existing contactless smart card technology, so many manufacturers and related groups support NFC, and there are many RFID standards, and the unification is more complicated (it is estimated that it is impossible to unify), Corresponding technical standards can only be adopted when there are special needs in special industries.4) Application: RFID is more used in production, logistics, tracking, and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in access control, public transportation, mobile payment and other fields. Zaitong Technology is an enterprise specializing in the research of NFC technology. It has high-quality products and services in the fields of campus card, public transport card, mobile payment, and TSM platform.