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    Biodegradable glitter, also known as gold and silver sheet, is a kind of electroplating film material with high brightness and different thicknesses after precise cutting. Its material includes PET, PVC, OPP, metal aluminum and laser laser material. Generally, the diameter of biodegradable glitter can be produced from 0.004mm-3.0mm. Among all the biodegradable glitter materials, PET biodegradable glitter is the most environmentally friendly. The shape of biodegradable glitter has quadrangle, hexagon, rectangle and other different shapes, and the color has gold, silver, green, purple, royal blue, lake blue and other single color color, and magic color, pearl color, laser color and other magic color effect. When the various kinds of biodegradable glitter are added with the surface layer of protection layer, bright color, to the climate, the temperature of mildly corrosive chemicals have a certain resistance and temperature resistance.Introduction to the application of biodegradable glitterAs a special surface material, it is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle crafts, cosmetics, screen printing (cloth, leather, shoes – shoes materials, New Year pictures series), decorative materials (craft glass, polycrystalline glass; Crystal crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture spray paint, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pen and other different fields, the characteristics are to enhance the visual effect of the product, so that the decorative part of the concave and convex have layers, more three-dimensional. And its high flash characteristic, more make adornment bright-coloured and dazzing, double add luster.Some are used in cosmetics, such as eye shadow, nail polish and various nail products. Because the biodegradable glitter is plastic film with a coating and the formation of a bright effect, so there are many food packaging industry, is also widely used in food packaging above. However, it is forbidden to add it to food.Category of biodegradable glitter1. PET and PVC biodegradable glitter is composed of vacuum metal polyester plastic film. The color layer of this type of biodegradable glitter is thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. Form decoration or reflective and other special and eye-catching effect.2. Metallic biodegradable glitter is generally composed of extremely thin aluminum foil. Its color outer layer is thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer, which is an ideal material for plastic products.3. magic color series biodegradable glitter is a unique magic color biodegradable glitter, it does not contain metal components, because of the composition of the product of the optical properties of the film, so that the product has the metal color changes and luster, with obvious color changes.4. Laser series biodegradable glitter is a kind of imported laser prima membrane with high brightness and high magic color. It is a kind of sequins that need to be coated and colored by high temperature and cut by professional precision machine into uniform shape. It is also a kind of environmentally friendly PET laser film, producing laser biodegradable glitter at a higher price.